Burnt Dining

Booking Terms & Conditions


  • Booking is secured on completion of booking form, agreement to Burnt Dining Terms & Conditions and payment of deposit.
  • 25% deposit is required for date confirmation. Deposits are non- refundable
  • Second payment of 25% is due 6 weeks before event date. Final balance is due 7 days prior to event date
  • Payments may be made via electronic funds transfer or credit card payment. Payments made via credit card will incur a 2.5% surcharge
  • Public Holidays and Sunday events will incur a 15% surcharge
  • Tax invoice will be provided by email after payment is made. Invoices can be mailed out by request.


All Burnt Dining event pricing includes;

  • Staff (chef, waiter, barman)
  • Setup, service, tidy and packdown
  • Equipment/ plates/ crockery/ utensils/ linen/ glassware for formal plated functions
  • Delivery for drop off catering
  • Display props, crockery, serving utensils, single use plates, cutlery and napkins for grazing tables and stations.


  • Quotations are valid for 10 days from the date of quote creation. If the event details require changes, a quotation may be reissued.
  • Burnt Dining reserves the right to charge for any extra meals provided on the day of event or if the event starts earlier or runs later than the agreed duration. Burnt dining will charge the quoted price for any extra guests provided for. In the event that there are less guests than booked for, Burnt Dining carries no liability to refund or reimburse the client less than the original booked number of guests.
  • Extra costs are to be paid within 7 days of the event’s conclusion.
  • Burnt Dining may pass on any Government or regulatory costs incurred for the event. This may include liquor licence fees, public area hire fees or event lodgement fees.


  • Minimum charges and guest numbers apply to specific events. Refer to quotation/ proposal document for minimum
  • Final menu, specific dietary requirements and guest numbers are required in writing 14 days prior to the booked event date.
  • Any other specific requirements relating to venue, entertainment, start/ end time, service, setup, design and plan must be provided in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • On occasion specific seasonal ingredients may be subject to availability. The client will be notified in writing to any changes made.
  • Burnt Dining requires access to the event venue a minimum of 2 hours before the event start time.
  • Burnt Dining requires access for the company trailer. This will need to be assessed during booking time for specific venues.


  • Burnt Dining reserves the right to cancel an event if final payment is not received 7 day prior to the event, terms and conditions are not agreed to or final menu/ guest numbers/ booking details are not confirmed 14 days prior to the event.
  • Burnt Dining carries no responsibility to costs or expenses the client may occur with event of termination by Burnt Dining.
  • Any cancellations or changes to menu and guest numbers within 7 days of the event date will require full payment.
  • In the event that the client requests event cancellation, this must be received in writing. Cancellation more than 7 days prior to event, the 50% deposit will be charged, cancellation within 7 days of the event 100% of booking will be charged.


  • Burnt Dining is not liable for any costs, damages or expenses that the client may occur outside of Burnt Dining circumstances or agreement.
  • Burnt Dining staff will adhere to all Liquor Licence requirements and will refuse to serve alcohol outside of allowed time or to intoxicated guests. Burnt Dining practices the responsible service of alcohol.
  • The function must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner.
  • Burnt Dining staff will only serve alcohol and food provided by Burnt Dining.
  • Burnt Dining is not responsible or liable for any services or products provided by third party suppliers. Third party suppliers will have their own terms and conditions and charges.
  • Burnt Dining is not responsible for damages, theft or loss of goods in any public areas.
  • Burnt Dining is not responsible for any loss or damage to property of the venue by the client, their guests or any other person in attendance of the function and not staff of Burnt Dining.
  • Any loss, damages or theft to the property of Burnt Dining by the client or guests will be the responsibility of the client to repair or replace.

Please read terms and conditions carefully. If any clarification is needed contact Burnt Dining staff.